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ADEA Overview

The Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) is part of a statutory scheme protecting employees over 40 years old against discrimination in the workplace nationwide.  The ADEA which was passed by Congress in December of 1967 points out the disadvantage of older workers in retaining employment or regaining employment when displaced from jobs. The ADEA addresses arbitrary age limits which were commonplace at the time of its passage, and embodies congressional recognition that older workers are particularly at risk for long term unemployment. Congress further recognized the undesirable effects of long term unemployment including deterioration of skill, morale and employer acceptability. Read More

Seed Financing

Generally, “seed” financing refers to a company’s very first round of financing and is typically for less than $1 million.  Many start-up companies need initial or “seed” financing before they have tested their concept with a strategic partner, launched their website or assembled their management team. Often, the founders may have overextended their personal resources and need to turn to others for additional start-up funding. The question is where can a new business find seed financing? Read More

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