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Archives for May, 2013


People who have fled their country because they fear persecution may seek asylum so they may remain in the United States. Unlike other parts of immigration law, asylum and asylum-related protections are derived from international refugee law. International refugee law is designed to serve as substitute protection where the person’s own country has failed to protect the individual either because the country is unable or unwilling to protect an individual from persecution.  This article explains the difference between being a refugee and the process required to seek asylum in the United States. The article also explains the importance of using an experienced immigration attorney to guide applicants through a process that on its face may appear to be relatively simple. Read More

Employment discrimination law revolves around the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which makes it illegal for an employer to discriminate in hiring, firing, promoting, or giving raises on the basis of an employee’s characteristics such as age or gender. Discrimination occurs when your employer bases a decision regarding an employment condition on some legally protected attribute. Discrimination in the workplace can be especially difficult for workers based on the emotional toll it takes and can make the workplace unbearable. However, workers are legally protected from invidious workplace discrimination. Protection from illegal discrimination extends to several classes of employees, and includes the following: Age discrimination, disability discrimination, race discrimination, sex (gender) discrimination, sexual harassment, pregnancy discrimination, national origin discrimination and religious discrimination.  Read More

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